Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Default Gateway is deleted every reboot on Windows Vista and Windows 2008

If your default gateway for TCP/IP v4 on Windows 2008 or Windows Vista is deleted or disapears each time you reboot then you are not alone.

This is apparently a known bug in Windows 2008 SP2 and Vista SP2, so it is surprising that Microsoft has not yet fixed it.

If you have this problem here is how to fix it.
  • Open regedit (start -> run -> regedit)
  • Navigate to HKLM/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/Tcpip/Parameters/Interfaces
  • Locate the Interface that is having the issue.
  • Right click on Default Gateway and click Modify.
  • You will notice that the first line is blank and that the correct gateway is on the second line. Delete the blank line and click OK
  • Reboot and the problem is resolved.
Credit to Ilja Herlien for finding this solution, first posted here:

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